Monday, May 5, 2008

Which ear should I aim for ???

So today we were very busy! We started our day to go pick up Josh's Learning Package in Casselman, once a month they prepare a School Preparation Kit to teach and learn new things and it's free so we went to get a new kit! We then went to Ontario Early Years to get Sydney weight, so at 10 months today, he is 22 pounds and 28 and 3/4 inch long! There was lots of people today, lots of ladies I knew from school with their little babies! FUN FUN FUN! Then we went grocery shopping, had lunch took a break and then head to Cheo for Josh's hearing examination!!! Turns out his right ear as fluid in it, doesn't hear properly and the left ear is fine! Correct me if I'm wrong but when I went in March they told me he wasn't hearing properly in his left and his right was fine! Wow! So which ear should I aim for when I'm talking to him, who knows? So Thursday I'm going to see his ORL (ear doctor) and let me tell you the SHIT AS HIT THE FAN! Something better be done, I am not taking no for an answer! I will keep you posted!

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