Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Josh's first day at school

So today was Josh's first school preparation day! It was a big day, first he didn't have a good night of sleep, I'm pretty sure he's got an ear infection and was crying all night! I had to wake him up at 9:00 so he makes it in time for 9:30. Daddy had left him a note with a lucky penny and grandpa and grandma had left him a note also to enjoy his day with his new friends and the new "cocotte"! Showed him what I had put in his lunch and he said "Thank you Mom!" We got there and he was pretty excited, saw his new little buddies, was asking there names was showing off his Car's Bag and lunch box, I said goodbye and I have to admit I had a couple of tears in my eyes!!! He did a big tour of the school, counted and sang the alphabet for the Principal and was proud to say that he was JOSHUA BENOIT! Call me a stalker or not I went for a walk with Syd and saw him play outside, he seemed to have fun with his little friends, but he saw his grandpa and uncle outside so he ran to jump the fence to go see them...doesn't take him much to distract him! The educator told me he cried at noon cause he wanted to see me! : ( It brakes my heart cause I was missing him too! At 1:30 I went to pick him up and Josh had a little accident in the washroom and the educator was changing his pants and undees...NICE! She told me everything went well, she had no problem understanding him when he was talking so I was reasured, she said he told one of his classmate with a Habs hat : "Sont pourris les Canadiens!" Good way to make friends let me tell you! She told me she had a good group and that they were ready to start school! I was happy to hear that because I don't really feel like he's ready yet but maybe by September he'll be fully prepared to start!

Here's a preview of Josh this morning!

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