Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheo Visit

So yesterday Sydney was not feeling too good, his second tooth came out and he had been congested since friday night. He didn't eat much for lunch and did not eat at all for supper and after supper he started to be restless and was breathing really fast and was short of breath. So at 8h30pm I decided to go to Cheo with him, we got there at 9h00pm waited 10 minutes to give his name then another 10 minutes to get called in to do his vitals and they took him in right away. It was obvious he had a hard time breathing so they gave him an epinephrine mask....then again at 11h30pm, then oral prednisone and 2 puffs of Ventolin at 1h00am, 4 puffs of Ventolin at 2h00am, then was on oxygen for a while at 3h00am, then got 3 back to back Ventolin masks at 4h00am and then it was 5h00am, he looked better, was high on all those meds and I was POOPED! 6h00am came and he got discharged on some oral prednisone and puffers, all this because they think he's got asthma + bronchitis + rsv.... in other words a bad cold! So I guess you figured out that I missed my first day of placement at Cheo on the Medicine Ward, I went straight to bed! I did work, on the Emergency ward, I was there from 9 to 6, and I really want to count it as a shift!

Here is a look at my pumpkin when he was feeling good...

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