Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sydney's First Tooth

So it's official my baby boy had his first tooth out today! We went for supper at Sara & PC on Friday and he had a little fever, was a little restless on Saturday and BOOM today a tooth came out! We had been waiting for a month now and today was the big day! 10 months and 1 tooth! So this weekend was uneventful! Not like everybody else around me, Vegas, MTL, Phoenix, etc. I stayed home, accomplished nothing, watched a Nip/Tuck marathon last night after the disappointing hockey game and went to bed. Today everybody slept in the afternoon and then went for supper at my mother-in-law and that wraps up my weekend...hope yours was exciting ! Here is my little pumpkin in his tricolour pyjamas and his mohawk ready for the HABS game rubbing his new tooth with his tongue!

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