Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Diego Go!

Today we left the house at noon and went to the Scotiabank Place to see Go Diego Go to the rescue live show! I had seen their advertisement on the Scotiabank website and told myself if it's still cold and rainy on Thursday...let's hit the road! So yesterday I got my tickets online, printed them out and today I was heading in the west end for the show! Frankly I was a bit nervous, Syd has been cranky, teething and all and I knew I couldn't bring my stroller in so I took a chance and brought Syd in my sling, 23 pounds hanging on me!!!

We got there put him on, hanged on to Josh's hand and here we go, there was this big black cloud coming threw, I was a bit scared of being showered but it waited till we got in. We found our seats perfectly, Josh saw his girlfriend from school which he calls is sister ?!? and Mikela 2 cause they are 2 in his class! So the show started with this girl talking on this big stage and boom... Diego pooped up, this little spanish guy with shorts and a backpack ??? I thought it was going to be this big character just like we see him on tv, not this skinny little guy with a backpack! I kind of had to tell Josh that was Diego plus Dora came on set for a big 10 minutes and again this girl with a pink top and orange shorts, and Josh was so happy to see her but left after 10 minutes!

So overall it was a cute show, they had the kids dancing and roaring with their jaguar masks but I was expecting a little more for 40 bucks each! We were sitting in the 100 level but because it was real people acting and not a big character it was a bit far I think for Josh and Syd! Syd enjoyed the show also, he was clapping and dancing but the last 20 minutes was getting restless! It all turned out well for being alone with the 2 kids, Josh was well behave and helped me lots! We got outside after the show and it started pouring like I had never seen it before, we were soaked by the time we got in the van! After we met with Jules at St-Hubert for supper, ate like pigs and now were all very tired! So let's try to stay up to watch Grey's Season Finale tonight or else I'll have to watch it tomorrow!


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