Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Frills that's for sure!

Today we slept in a little bit! I decided to go play at a park I saw when I was walking with Julie 2 months ago, obviously there was still snow back then so he couldn't go. So he had fun, made 2 new friends Emma & Thomas AKA Tomato for Josh! LOL! Then we went to No Frills to get diapers and while were there a couple more stuff! I absolutely HATE that store! First I couldn't find a stupid quarter to get a cart, had to check under Josh's seat cause he always carry change in his pockets so I thought he might of drop one! With my good mother's instinct I found an American quarter that worked but then the cart wouldn't unlock and I had Syd in one arm all sleepy and Josh wanted to see the candies, it was a mess, plus I think that place is not clean enough, I might be a clean freak but I HATE that place! My dad and Jules asked me why do you keep going ??? Well believe it or not it's the ONLY place in Casselman where they sell the diapers I like Pampers Cruisers in a box, thanks to Julie who told me that not that long ago! So that's why everytime I need diapers I stop at the No Frills! Came back home, kids had a long snooze this afternoon and spend a boring night as it's raining outside, so I watch America's Next Top Model with Syd sleeping on me! Going to see Josh's ear doctor tomorrow morning, I'll tell you all about it!

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