Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shitty Day

So I got woken up at 2:00am last night from a puking Josh in his bed! GREAT! He wanted to come in our bed, it was ok with me cause I wanted to check on him. It went on and on all night vomiting/diarrhea and all day. Has you probably figured out I had to cancel my 9:30 appointment with the ear doctor, I was pissed! I took care of my precious Josh all day, learned tonight that the flu is going around at school. Nice! First time at school and comes back with the flu, can't wait that he brings back all kinds of bugs and gives them to Syd in September. On top of that me and Jules had done a big clean up last night, vaccuum, washed the floors, washed the bathtub, cleaned all the bedding, smelled fresh until this morning, you would of though there was a farmer spreading manure around my room, litteraly! After supper Josh was feeling a little bit better so I took the kids for a stroll, took some fresh air and the day ended up being not so bad, we found Sydney's croc we had losts 2 days ago, I was quite happy!

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