Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So tonight my baseball season officially started in Embrun! I played 2 years ago with Sara Lou, she played last year and I was PREGO and this year she is PREGO! I was a little bit nervous as I knew no one on my team. I did stalk my team leader on Facebook to see what she look like so I had an idea who to look for! Turns out I new one of them and learned that another one will start working on my floor next week so I'm glad we got to meet and we will be able to get to know each other outside of work! I was debating if I really wanted to play, with my baby at home I really didn't want him to be in Mommy withdrawal. Turns out he took the bottle for daddy and is sleeping comfortably in his crib. It is a good opportunity for me to meet new people, exercise and to get out of the house. With Sara not being there though I have no one to laugh at other people or to complain! LOL ! Maybe it's a good thing! We lost 21-6 against my old team but I wasn't going to win but to have fun! If anyone is interested of playing they are looking for players, every Tuesday either at 8pm or at 9:15pm and we're only playing to have fun! When I came back at around 9:45pm Josh heard me get in and came to meet me ... "maman revenu de la balle" with a big smile! You gotta LOVE those kids!

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SC said...

I am missing baseball already Savage!!! Next year... you better not be preggers, and then we can reunite on the field!

If I am out for a walk on Tuesdays I will swing by and cheer you on!