Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on this week

So it's been a while since I kept you updated on the latest and greatest! It's been a rough week and I was really tired! Here is a recap:

Monday I went to the speech therapist with Josh went well nothing changed and Jules played hockey that night in Casselman with Peter.

Tuesday Josh went to school it was his last day, went well the teacher told me he cried a little bit when the other kids went to play outside, he was calling for mommy but I think he just wanted to go play outside! He had to stay in with the other 2 little guys, he didn't want to be separated from his girlfriend...that's my thought! Then I went to pick him up, there was a little celebration with some cake and a diploma and he was supposed to have a bus ride but we waited for an hour to learn that the lady canceled, she had an emergency!!! He was bummed! Then I went to play ball in Embrun and it was FREAZING COLD, unbelievable! I was shaking like there's no tomorrow! We won 15-5, I know we're getting good!

Wednesday we went for a walk to see grandma Savage then came back to nap, then had supper with daddy and then daddy needed to nap because he was going to work for the night! That was it, sleeped cozy with Josh while Syd was in his crib, I feel bad but he moves around like you wouldn't believe. Oh and I got to add that Josh's baseball was canceled because they didn't have enough kids so no baseball this year! Poor Josh he only has 5 kids in his class and now baseball they don't have enough kids to play! What was everybody doing in 2004, obviously not making babies that's 4 sure!

Today I went to the hairdresser while my dad was babysitting and this afternoon we all had a nap because I was supposed to start my placement tonight, then again when does everything go smooth with me. Turns out there's been a misunderstanding and more papers need to be signed before I can start so I will try to go figure everything out tomorrow so I can get this placement done and over with A.S.A.P.

So now that everybody is snooring, I am not really tired because I slept all afternoon! Maybe I could go scare my crazy cousin, who came with her girlfriends knocking at my window with a silly costum and was dancing in my front lawn!!!

Josh on his last day of school eating chocolate cake with his nice white Ecole St-Albert shirt and his little girlfriend at the back!!!

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