Saturday, May 24, 2008

Driving everywhere!

Today we were ready to go at 9h00am sharp, we had a list of stuff to do and wanted all done today! We left to go to Jean Coutu in Embrun to pick up some baby food, cereals, diaper genie refills and Sebas meds! Then we headed to the west end (Merivale) to exchange my nursing pants because they were too small, I got in and scared the shit out of the owner, he was vaccuuming upstairs it was really funny! Then we dropped off Sebas meds, we had to leave it at the door cause the door was locked, boy did Josh cry, he couldn't see his uncle and it was the END OF THE WORLD let me tell you!

We went to pick up Roch's birthday gift in Orleans, a work bench for his garage, we almost had to leave the kids in Orleans because it would fit in the van, don't worry we kept the kids and the work bench did fit!!! We went to eat at Subway and went to a park right beside a highschool in Orleans, gorgeous place, my mother-in-law had told me about it and it's a must see! It was on the news not too long ago, it was made accessible for wheelchairs and for handicap kids, it's beautiful, you really have to try it, we will be going back for sure! Then we headed to Long Sault to give Roch's gift, the kids fell asleep on the way there so we got to see the new additions to Roch's new house, very nice!

At around 5h00pm we got back home to have a nice bbq and then Josh saw his new "toy"...Noah's bubble bounce, it's a big inflatable Fire Truck!!! It was really exciting, he loves to jump, I think he bounced in it by himself for one hour straight!!! Then we went for a walk, Josh saw "his sister" Mikela #2and played with her in her playhouse while Coralie a younger little girl was kissing Sydney and then we got back home and they were pooped! I forgot my camera so I have no pics for you today, maybe tomorrow! Have a good night!

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