Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad day!

So today was not a good day! I didn't have a good night sleep, the kids were bratz on top, looked like it was going to be a long rainy day! So I decided to go shopping, went to Rockland at TMD! Love that store! Drove to Place d'Orleans after, ate at the food court and that's were it downfall, got Syd's food warmed up and the lady was sure it was still frozen, so I poped my finger in and OOOUUUUTTTCCCCHHH!!! Second degree burn! You guys should see my finger, I did not cry but let me tell you Josh kissed it lots of times!!! So after Josh went and played at the Miniport like always, ran everywhere had lots of fun! Shopped around for a bit and came back home, had supper at my mom & dad where Syd broke a vase, yes he did! On top, came back home, gave him a bath, let him play for a bit and took my Ralph Lauren glasses from Florida out of my bag and SCRATCH them everywhere on the floor! So has I'm writting this I am fighting the tears!!! So I will get a hold of myself and replay my day, tell myself I could of burn one of the kids, Syd could of cut himself with the vase and my glasses well I WANT THEM BACK!!!!! Mother's day is right around the corner so I hope I was a good mom this year and get some nice ones soon! : ( So tonight I will try to go to bed early so tomorrow is better!

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SC said...

Awww... Soph, sounds like a rough day for sure. I know you were a good Mom this year... so hopefully someone (helllloooo Jules) picks up on the fact that you need a new pair of shades!!!

Hang in there... hopefully tomorrow is better! Looking forward to dinner on Friday!