Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

So today was a long day! The kids were up very early, Josh was really excited about going to see his uncle Seb this morning! He woke up at 5h15 and was asking if it was time to go yet...unfortunetely it cut my sleep off! So we went to Ottawa, took care of business with Seb while Josh was playing UFC with Diesel and Lizzy (Seb's cats), I think Lizzy is traumatised by Josh, I mean she's hiding in the closet and still he goes and gets her out or he puts her in timeout!!! After that we went to pick up Daddy for a McDo drive-thru, Josh really wanted to go back to work with his dad but instead came back home and slept this afternoon! Tonight he went and played at school and went to Mart's farm! He LOVES the cows! Now that both of the boys are sleeping I will go enjoy Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere!!!! I love that show! That is if Jules lets me...with all the hockey games going on! And by the way we just had a stocker in my window knocking with a Montreal Canadian Jersey!!! I doubt it's my uncle! If he does come back I'll take a picture and post it...

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