Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girls Night Out!

So today was a gorgeous day, they were calling for rain all day and some thunder showers and still big sun out and all! I was hoping on snoozing this afternoon before going out tonight but the sun was gorgeous and I did some homework instead. Jules went fishing with Josh and I went for Sydney's first bike ride! Lovely! Tonight me, Julie and Darquise are getting together, last time we went out together without the kids was probably a year and a half ago! Not to scare any of you out there who are pregnant! :P So I am looking forward of a nice evening with having anything or anyone to worry about...until Jules calls freaking out that is! So Julie is leaving for one month to go see her sister in Phoenix, Arizona and Darquise is leaving for 5 days to go to Vegas, so I am quite excited to go meet with the girls to chat, laugh and whatever! Have a good night!


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