Thursday, April 17, 2008


So today was a big was Josh's first dentist appointment! He was really excited, he's been reading Finding Nemo forever now and was looking forward to go sit in that big chair and get braces! Ever since his uncle Sebas and his aunt Loulou got braces, he's been wanting to get some too! Everything went well, he wanted to go first and then he wanted to help the hygienist to do my teeth! So they told me he had a "cross bite", caused by him breathing through his mouth. Everybody that knows Josh knows that he snoores like a 60 years old man!!! She also told me that it could cause speech problems which would explain his articulation problem! Wow! So now he needs tubes and to get his adnoids out! So because of that "cross bite" he might one day need braces or a retainer. I was so discouraged, first appointment and they are already talking about expensive procedures!

We then went grocery shopping, I figured my mom was babysitting Syd, might as well get something were cruising down the aisle when I get a call from my mom telling me Syd is up and won't take the bottle! I have been trying to introduce him to cow's milk, well Lactose Free Milk because of his intolerance to lactose, with me going back to work soon, I have to wean him off breastfeeding and it's hard because he's teething right now and needs to be close to mommy! So me and Josh came back home to see Syd, calling "MAMA" could you say no to that! I guess I will have to continue everyday to give him milk, he will eventually take it! The joy of being a mom and going back to work!

We then went for a walk and went to visit grandma S, Josh had a couple of cookies like always and then, this thing happened which complety had me speechless...he looked at my grandpa S picture and said I love you grandpa!!! My grandma was very emotional but at the same time I'm sure she was happy that Josh missed him and remembered him, he past away close to 5 months ago and he still remembers and sleep with his little horse from grandpa S everynight!

So now Josh is playing outside with daddy and I am taking care of Syd, who as a fever and he's feeling awful because of his teething, poor baby! That pretty much covers my day, just had a little bit of laundry to that and I'm calling it a night! We are going to see the speech therapy tomorrow and I am not looking forward to what she has to say....I will keep you posted!

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KimSavage said...

Hey cuz!
I love reading your blogs! It satisfies my stalker needs.. haha... et as if que Syd a parlé? What a smart kiddo... et wow.... Josh se souvient de grandpapa! C'est fou ca...

En tout cas, write some more about the speech therapist for Josh... I hope everything will go smoothly!!! xoxoox Love you guys!