Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today I tried to be more aggressive with the weaning, I want to start my school placement at Cheo in 2 weeks and Sydney is still only breastfeeding. I don't really feel ready to stop, not even close, but if I want to be able to do my placement and go back to work, I have no choice! So today I nursed him this morning, then gave him some cow milk in a sippy cup for snack time (10h00), then sippy cup again at noon time and before his nap tried to offer him a bottle which he refused, because he is only taking very small sips with the sippy cup and then he snoozed for a good 2h30 in the afternoon, which gave me and Josh the time to wash the van!!! (Happy Earth Day...with all the water we used!) Then Syd woke up, tried the sippy cup again, went for a walk, came back tried the sippy cup again for supper but he was very angry at me...every time I would put the sippy cup close to his mouth he would just freak out...so for the later part of the afternoon until bedtime he was a little cranky! So I gave him his bath which he loves and then breastfed, he was a happy camper let me tell you! Fell asleep in no time and now is down for the night...that is until 12 or 1 and then around 5...we still have to work on that! I'm sure Jules won't be happy waking up to a baby looking for a boob once I'm at work!!! So if you guys have any advice on weaning off ...feel free! I want to try to keep breastfeeding as long as I can but I do need a backup!

Now I do have to tell you that Josh had a little meeting tonight with his school buddies...there was a little cutie which is the ONLY girl in his class! He still has to work on it...she is a really hard to get kind of girl!!! I'll keep you updated on that!

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