Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepy Monday

So this weekend was fun, Jules & Josh went fishing everyday, Syd was with mommy like always saying dada ??? I have to work on that! Did a little bit of homework! Syd drank his bottle while I was out on Saturday which is a big thing for me! He took it for his dad! I'm so proud! That means I can stop stressing over going to do my placement in May! Yesterday I slept til noon, what a GREAT boyfriend I have!!!

Today is very boring and I think it will be like that all week! I have to think of it as something positive, because it's my last week before it gets crazy so I will use this time to sleep and to cuddle with my babies before it gets ectic! For lunch I was making fresh crandberries, mixed with strawberries and apples for Syd, it smelled DELICIOUS! I was looking forward to see his face when he ate it actually! Until I turned around and saw that!!!!

I guess it didn't smell that good after all! : ) We'll see for supper!

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