Friday, April 18, 2008

Speech Therapist

So today started off slow! Josh got up at 9:45am and I had to rush to get to the speech therapist. So no changes, she still thinks is articulation is not too good and that he should be talking better by now so she wants him to go for a 7 weeks therapy, once a week for one I only have that to do! But she told me that she would give me a recommandation letter for my ORL (Josh's ear doctor) to get his adnoids checked and possibly removed. She thinks that his ears and adnoids are a major part of the problem, which is good because it makes me feel better knowing that it's not a developmental problem but a medical we'll see.

We spend all afternoon outside enjoying this gorgeous sun and waiting for uncle Seb to come home, because he's at my parents for the weekend. We saw aunt Julie and Ty and now we are going over for some pizza & wings with mom, dad & Seb!!! So enjoy your nice sunny friday! We will be spending some family time outside!

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