Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week update

It's been long since I had the time to write but here is a recap of all the things that happened this week! I finally started my placement on Thursday on 4 East at the Cheo hospital! I managed to get there in time for my first 12 hour shift! It was hard because I never sleep a good 8 hours straight, more of a 2 hours at a time stretch! It was very interesting and I realized how hard they work there! Wow they have to calculate everything and between you and me maths was never my field! Let just say that my dad hates to play crib with me cause I'm not a fast counter! I am very visual so I have to write everything on a piece of paper!!! Beside the counting I learned so much and still have lots of stuff to learn! Mel (my preceptor) is extremely good! So I am enjoying my placement very much, do I see myself working there, probably not! They are still working the old way, they are not up to date with computers and all, they still do all there charting on papers, and there med profiles are all hand written and not double checked by the pharmacy. It will eventually come I guess! Also I am not used to seeing sick babies and toddlers like that! I am a very sensitive nurse and some of the stuff they deal with I don't think I could deal with everyday!

Friday I went for my second day at Cheo but woke up with a sore throat, no biggy I told myself my throat was just dry and would get better with drinking fluids but by 3:00 I started feeling weak and I was cold, even if it was +40 outside!!! So at 3:30 Mel got ask if she wanted to go home because it was quiet on the floor, so I told her to go ahead, I knew her boyfriend was off and I was feeling like crap!!! So I went home and that night it became worst. My ears were hurting, my throat was KILLING, I was puking, my muscles and bones were aching and I was feeling weak! I couldn't even get up with the kids!

Saturday I stayed in bed all day, FREEZING! I couldn't put enough blankets on my bed I was so cold! By the end of the afternoon I started to feel warm so now I was soaked, took a shower which made me feel better, and went outside for a bit! After I put the kids to bed I went with Jules to the Emergency Room at Winchester Hospital, how romantic for a Saturday night, it was our first night to ourselves in months!!!! Came back at 11:00pm with a prescription, Penecillin to treat my Strep throat! What a great Saturday night, I was supposed to go in for a night shift with Mel, which I had to cancel OR I was supposed to go out with the girls because Josee was in town, she only comes down 2 to 3 times a year from Phoenix and this weekend was it! So long for the fun night to the bars with the girls! I was sitting in a waiting room and in bed at 11:00pm!

Sunday we were outside pretty much all day! My throat is feeling better but I still have to take Tylenol for pain. We went to Casselman to get the prescription, some groceries and a som pump (not sure how to right it) because it broke last night! We went swimming, bike riding and just chilled outside!

Hope this week will be better for everyone! ; )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And then there was 2!!!

When we got back from Newington on Sunday to get our Daisy my brother Stephane said she was ugly!!! It's ok, everybody's got their own taste! Then he asked me if she had any siblings, I told him yes two other sisters. So that night, they called the lady and reserved an other dog!!!

Last night, when Jules and Stephane got back from work, they jumped in the car and headed to Newington where they got Fluffy, Stephane's new dog! It is crazy! The reunion was so cute, they were wrestling and kissing! You had to be there to see it!

So here is a sneak peek at Daisy and Fluffy playing outside on this rainy day!



Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's a girl!

So this weekend was absolutely brutal! Bad weather! Friday night my placement was canceled so I haven't done 1 shift yet! Saturday we sold our camper...yes we did, that top of the line Winibego is GONE! We then went for a ride because the gas is soooo cheap!!! Went for supper at Pizza Hut because St-Hubert had a 30 minutes wait! We got back home and I finished watching the movie "27 dresses" that I had started on Friday night! Not a bad movie but I guess I was expecting too much in the first place after hearing what everybody had to say about the movie but overall a good chick flick! I would watch it again for sure!

Today we got a dog!!! Yes you heard right, we are now the new proud owners of a baby girl Golden Retriever! Her name is DAISY and she was born on April 15 2008 and she was conceived on Valentine's Day! She is the lucky one! The kids are thrilled! I don't know if it was because my placement was cancelled on Thursday and Friday and I got bored but we had been thinking about it for a while now and we started to talk about it on Friday and today was the day! So here is a peak at our new addition to our we don't already have enough on our hands as it is!!!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on this week

So it's been a while since I kept you updated on the latest and greatest! It's been a rough week and I was really tired! Here is a recap:

Monday I went to the speech therapist with Josh went well nothing changed and Jules played hockey that night in Casselman with Peter.

Tuesday Josh went to school it was his last day, went well the teacher told me he cried a little bit when the other kids went to play outside, he was calling for mommy but I think he just wanted to go play outside! He had to stay in with the other 2 little guys, he didn't want to be separated from his girlfriend...that's my thought! Then I went to pick him up, there was a little celebration with some cake and a diploma and he was supposed to have a bus ride but we waited for an hour to learn that the lady canceled, she had an emergency!!! He was bummed! Then I went to play ball in Embrun and it was FREAZING COLD, unbelievable! I was shaking like there's no tomorrow! We won 15-5, I know we're getting good!

Wednesday we went for a walk to see grandma Savage then came back to nap, then had supper with daddy and then daddy needed to nap because he was going to work for the night! That was it, sleeped cozy with Josh while Syd was in his crib, I feel bad but he moves around like you wouldn't believe. Oh and I got to add that Josh's baseball was canceled because they didn't have enough kids so no baseball this year! Poor Josh he only has 5 kids in his class and now baseball they don't have enough kids to play! What was everybody doing in 2004, obviously not making babies that's 4 sure!

Today I went to the hairdresser while my dad was babysitting and this afternoon we all had a nap because I was supposed to start my placement tonight, then again when does everything go smooth with me. Turns out there's been a misunderstanding and more papers need to be signed before I can start so I will try to go figure everything out tomorrow so I can get this placement done and over with A.S.A.P.

So now that everybody is snooring, I am not really tired because I slept all afternoon! Maybe I could go scare my crazy cousin, who came with her girlfriends knocking at my window with a silly costum and was dancing in my front lawn!!!

Josh on his last day of school eating chocolate cake with his nice white Ecole St-Albert shirt and his little girlfriend at the back!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Driving everywhere!

Today we were ready to go at 9h00am sharp, we had a list of stuff to do and wanted all done today! We left to go to Jean Coutu in Embrun to pick up some baby food, cereals, diaper genie refills and Sebas meds! Then we headed to the west end (Merivale) to exchange my nursing pants because they were too small, I got in and scared the shit out of the owner, he was vaccuuming upstairs it was really funny! Then we dropped off Sebas meds, we had to leave it at the door cause the door was locked, boy did Josh cry, he couldn't see his uncle and it was the END OF THE WORLD let me tell you!

We went to pick up Roch's birthday gift in Orleans, a work bench for his garage, we almost had to leave the kids in Orleans because it would fit in the van, don't worry we kept the kids and the work bench did fit!!! We went to eat at Subway and went to a park right beside a highschool in Orleans, gorgeous place, my mother-in-law had told me about it and it's a must see! It was on the news not too long ago, it was made accessible for wheelchairs and for handicap kids, it's beautiful, you really have to try it, we will be going back for sure! Then we headed to Long Sault to give Roch's gift, the kids fell asleep on the way there so we got to see the new additions to Roch's new house, very nice!

At around 5h00pm we got back home to have a nice bbq and then Josh saw his new "toy"...Noah's bubble bounce, it's a big inflatable Fire Truck!!! It was really exciting, he loves to jump, I think he bounced in it by himself for one hour straight!!! Then we went for a walk, Josh saw "his sister" Mikela #2and played with her in her playhouse while Coralie a younger little girl was kissing Sydney and then we got back home and they were pooped! I forgot my camera so I have no pics for you today, maybe tomorrow! Have a good night!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Diego Go!

Today we left the house at noon and went to the Scotiabank Place to see Go Diego Go to the rescue live show! I had seen their advertisement on the Scotiabank website and told myself if it's still cold and rainy on Thursday...let's hit the road! So yesterday I got my tickets online, printed them out and today I was heading in the west end for the show! Frankly I was a bit nervous, Syd has been cranky, teething and all and I knew I couldn't bring my stroller in so I took a chance and brought Syd in my sling, 23 pounds hanging on me!!!

We got there put him on, hanged on to Josh's hand and here we go, there was this big black cloud coming threw, I was a bit scared of being showered but it waited till we got in. We found our seats perfectly, Josh saw his girlfriend from school which he calls is sister ?!? and Mikela 2 cause they are 2 in his class! So the show started with this girl talking on this big stage and boom... Diego pooped up, this little spanish guy with shorts and a backpack ??? I thought it was going to be this big character just like we see him on tv, not this skinny little guy with a backpack! I kind of had to tell Josh that was Diego plus Dora came on set for a big 10 minutes and again this girl with a pink top and orange shorts, and Josh was so happy to see her but left after 10 minutes!

So overall it was a cute show, they had the kids dancing and roaring with their jaguar masks but I was expecting a little more for 40 bucks each! We were sitting in the 100 level but because it was real people acting and not a big character it was a bit far I think for Josh and Syd! Syd enjoyed the show also, he was clapping and dancing but the last 20 minutes was getting restless! It all turned out well for being alone with the 2 kids, Josh was well behave and helped me lots! We got outside after the show and it started pouring like I had never seen it before, we were soaked by the time we got in the van! After we met with Jules at St-Hubert for supper, ate like pigs and now were all very tired! So let's try to stay up to watch Grey's Season Finale tonight or else I'll have to watch it tomorrow!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheo Visit

So yesterday Sydney was not feeling too good, his second tooth came out and he had been congested since friday night. He didn't eat much for lunch and did not eat at all for supper and after supper he started to be restless and was breathing really fast and was short of breath. So at 8h30pm I decided to go to Cheo with him, we got there at 9h00pm waited 10 minutes to give his name then another 10 minutes to get called in to do his vitals and they took him in right away. It was obvious he had a hard time breathing so they gave him an epinephrine mask....then again at 11h30pm, then oral prednisone and 2 puffs of Ventolin at 1h00am, 4 puffs of Ventolin at 2h00am, then was on oxygen for a while at 3h00am, then got 3 back to back Ventolin masks at 4h00am and then it was 5h00am, he looked better, was high on all those meds and I was POOPED! 6h00am came and he got discharged on some oral prednisone and puffers, all this because they think he's got asthma + bronchitis + rsv.... in other words a bad cold! So I guess you figured out that I missed my first day of placement at Cheo on the Medicine Ward, I went straight to bed! I did work, on the Emergency ward, I was there from 9 to 6, and I really want to count it as a shift!

Here is a look at my pumpkin when he was feeling good...