Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week update

It's been long since I had the time to write but here is a recap of all the things that happened this week! I finally started my placement on Thursday on 4 East at the Cheo hospital! I managed to get there in time for my first 12 hour shift! It was hard because I never sleep a good 8 hours straight, more of a 2 hours at a time stretch! It was very interesting and I realized how hard they work there! Wow they have to calculate everything and between you and me maths was never my field! Let just say that my dad hates to play crib with me cause I'm not a fast counter! I am very visual so I have to write everything on a piece of paper!!! Beside the counting I learned so much and still have lots of stuff to learn! Mel (my preceptor) is extremely good! So I am enjoying my placement very much, do I see myself working there, probably not! They are still working the old way, they are not up to date with computers and all, they still do all there charting on papers, and there med profiles are all hand written and not double checked by the pharmacy. It will eventually come I guess! Also I am not used to seeing sick babies and toddlers like that! I am a very sensitive nurse and some of the stuff they deal with I don't think I could deal with everyday!

Friday I went for my second day at Cheo but woke up with a sore throat, no biggy I told myself my throat was just dry and would get better with drinking fluids but by 3:00 I started feeling weak and I was cold, even if it was +40 outside!!! So at 3:30 Mel got ask if she wanted to go home because it was quiet on the floor, so I told her to go ahead, I knew her boyfriend was off and I was feeling like crap!!! So I went home and that night it became worst. My ears were hurting, my throat was KILLING, I was puking, my muscles and bones were aching and I was feeling weak! I couldn't even get up with the kids!

Saturday I stayed in bed all day, FREEZING! I couldn't put enough blankets on my bed I was so cold! By the end of the afternoon I started to feel warm so now I was soaked, took a shower which made me feel better, and went outside for a bit! After I put the kids to bed I went with Jules to the Emergency Room at Winchester Hospital, how romantic for a Saturday night, it was our first night to ourselves in months!!!! Came back at 11:00pm with a prescription, Penecillin to treat my Strep throat! What a great Saturday night, I was supposed to go in for a night shift with Mel, which I had to cancel OR I was supposed to go out with the girls because Josee was in town, she only comes down 2 to 3 times a year from Phoenix and this weekend was it! So long for the fun night to the bars with the girls! I was sitting in a waiting room and in bed at 11:00pm!

Sunday we were outside pretty much all day! My throat is feeling better but I still have to take Tylenol for pain. We went to Casselman to get the prescription, some groceries and a som pump (not sure how to right it) because it broke last night! We went swimming, bike riding and just chilled outside!

Hope this week will be better for everyone! ; )

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SC said...

Sick Sophie Savage 9... that is not cool. Sorry to hear your weekend was spent in bed ... mine was too, but because I wanted to be there catching up on some zzz's!!!

If you are feeling better by later in the week, we should do dinner or a visit at least! I have to go to Casselman for an oil change on Thursday night, so maybe we could stop in that night for a quick visit or something!! Anyways.... this is all pending your recovery! Hope this week goes better for you!